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          LGC Biosearch Technologies貨期短,價格優

          LGC Biosearch Technologies是專業性熒光定量PCR探針合成及標記服務公司,提供與世界上各種熒光定量PCR儀配套的探標記方式及熒光素。

          LGC Biosearch Technologies的根源可以追溯到1978年,現任總裁兼**執行官羅恩 - 庫克,博士創立了“Biosearch”,為新興的生物技術產業提供研究工具。在20世紀80年代,Biosearch自主研發固相DNA合成器,如SAM I, the Cyclone, Biosearch 8700 and Biosearch 8800 Prep。這些生產制造的寡核苷酸的技術,催生新寡核苷酸技術的發展。*引人注目的是1982年,Kary Mullis在Cetus 公司使用了BiosearchSAM I合成DNA創造使用的寡核苷酸,其*終導致的聚合酶鏈反應(PCR)的發現。

          LGC Biosearch Technologies Products

          qPCR & SNP Genotyping

          LGC Biosearch Technologies offers a variety of probe and primer types for real-time qPCR, including dual-labeled BHQ® probes, BHQplus® probes, Molecular Beacons, and Scorpions® primers.

          Custom Oligonucleotides

          Whether you require labeled or unlabeled oligos, we can meet your exact needs as we offer more custom modifications than any other oligo supplier at a cost well below the prevailing market rate.

          RNA FISH

          Stellaris® RNA FISH is a RNA visualization method that allows simultaneous detection, localization, and quantification of individual mRNA molecules at the cellular level in fixed samples. This novel RNA FISH technology represents a fast and easy-to-use method to achieve conclusive results through compelling images of RNA expression.

          Synthesis Reagents

          We offer an extensive range of products for DNA and RNA synthesis including: synthesis supports, columns for 3' labeling and specialty amidites. These products are available for all of our fluorophores and quenchers as well as for many non-fluorescent labels.


          We offer a line of immunochemicals which include hapten reporter groups and protein, FICOLL, and fluorophore conjugates.

          LGC Biosearch Technologies  Inside LGC Biosearch

          Find a quick capability overview of LGC Biosearch Technologies and learn more about our products and the markets we serve.

          LGC Biosearch Technologies, a division of LGC Group, is a global leader in the design, development, and manufacture of sophisticated, custom oligonucleotide-based tools and associated reagents for the molecular diagnostic, research and applied markets. LGC Biosearch is a vertically integrated organization with locations in the US, Denmark, and Germany. Controlled-pore glass manufacturing, a critical component for oligo synthesis is located in Steinach, Germany. Research-grade oligo manufacturing primarily takes place in Petaluma, California and ?rhus, Denmark while production for the GMP and Commercial Services program is situated in the cGMP facility based in Novato, California.

          LGC Biosearch’s Quality Management System is fully compliant with ISO 9001:2008 and the cGMP production facility is ISO 13485:2003 certified and compliant with 21 CFR Part 820 as applicable. LGC Biosearch fully understands that quality is of utmost importance to customers as poor quality reagents and oligos can ruin even the best-designed assays. Visit our Quality webpageto learn more about LGC Biosearch’s certifications.

          Since the early 80s, innovators at LGC Biosearch have refined and continue to perfect the chemistry of oligonucleotide synthesis to accelerate the discovery and application of genomic information. LGC Biosearch’s unmatched selection of oligo modifications is complemented by demonstrated expertise in the design and manufacture of fluorogenic probes and primers.  Products include fluorophores (CAL Fluor®, Quasar® and Pulsar® dyes) and dark quenchers (BHQ® also known as Black Hole Quencher® dyes) to be included in custom-synthesized probe formats for real-time PCR, qPCR, end-point PCR, Stellaris® RNA FISH, and other genomic-based applications. LGC Biosearch’s markets include pharmaceutical, in vitro diagnostics, biotechnology, agricultural biotechnology, environmental and food testing, public health, and biodefense sectors.

          LGC Biosearch welcomes the opportunity to work with innovators worldwide who enable new inventions that advance the frontier of biotechnology and enthusiastic team players who support continued growth of the business. Please visit our Careers webpage to review current job opportunities.


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